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Steven's Institute School of Architecture
Hoboken, NJ
Undergraduate Project

The project is a building for the new School of Architecture of Stevens Institute in Hoboken, NJ. The site has a unique sectional relationship to the campus because it is located on the waterfront, thirty feet below the cliff that the rest of Stevens Institute is situated on. The upper body of the building contains the classrooms, studios, and faculty offices. This element is raised up to the same elevation as the rest of the campus. The lower elements seek to recognize the building’s responsibility to the public given its prominent location on the waterfront.

The school of architecture simultaneously becomes an asset to Hoboken and while engaging the public with architecture by sharing its library, lecture hall, and gallery spaces with the community. Some of the review rooms are located in the first floor and are therefore open to anyone who wishes to participate in the critique of the students’ work. The upper and lower elements are unified by voids that cut through the building where the elements intersect. The programmatic elements of the school are placed along a ramping central spine which creates new and varied spatial experiences.